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Related article: Date: Sun, 30 Jan 2000 20:09:09 EST
From: Double A
Subject: Fabien's Puppy Part 4 Fabien lay on his bed, locked in his room. He did this, not because his
parents had punished him as such, but because he didn't feel like seeing
them, or nude models lolitas pree anybody. He lay on his bed and looked up at the ceiling, wondering
why all this was happening. Fabien was used to being messed with and
insulted, but nobody had ever gone this far before, and, to top it off, he
was now suspended from school for the next couple of days. He heard the hum of his parents' voices downstairs, probably discussing his
fate. He was willing to accept almost any punishment lolita nude art legal that they were willing
to do to him. He could survive without television, video games, or the
telephone, but he hoped to God that they didn't keep him from Tommy. He
could barely go for twelve hours without seeing the eight-year-old, forget
about going for as long as his parents could think up. It wasn't just because he missed feeling the little boy's silky lips around
his hardon, or missed seeing Tommy's young body tensing in the rapid
convulsions of his dry orgasm. It was because, somehow, seeing the boy
always made him forget whatever troubles he was facing and just smile. There
were many times when he'd come home from a typically rough day at school - a
day of jeering, insults and put-downs - and just knowing that Tommy would be
with him made him feel better about living another day. It
was not the affection that one would feel for a friend, not that Fabien
would know what having a friend was like, but, instead, it was far deeper.
Fabien felt happy when Tommy was with him and sad when Tommy was not with
him. Fabien's whole body felt warm, whenever he held the small boy's body
against his own. Fabien wanted nothing less than to give Tommy as much
pleasure as possible. No, it was not friendship that Fabien felt for the boy who was nearly a
decade his junior...It was love. A knock on the door to Fabien's room made him jump. Fabien's head slowly
turned toward the door and, in almost a groan, he replied, "It's open." The door slowly opened and the tall figure of Fabien's father entered and
closed the door behind him. Fabien got along very well with his father, most
of the time, and he much preferred to deal with him when he got in trouble,
than to deal with his mother. Leaning back against the closed door, with his arms crossed across his
chest, Jean-Paul Raineau smirked slightly and commented, "So..." Fabien sighed, knowing that that was the usual way his father began most of
their big discussions, and sat up and turned over, hanging his legs off the
bed. He looked up at his father and responded, "So what?" Jean-Paul nude lolita under 9
looked thoughtful for a second, then replied, "So, are you going
to explain to me what happened, or do you want me to guess?" Fabien shrugged, "I didn't feel like staying at school today, so I left
early." His father nodded, "Okay, but why the haircut? We begged you for months to
cut your hair, and you always got mad." Fabien swallowed back a bout of tears that threatened to overflow, at the
mention of his prized hair, and responded meekly, "I just though it was
time, I guess." His father nodded again, his face registering that he was thoroughly
unconvinced, and replied, "Okay, fine. Now, care to explain the blood stains
on your mother's carpet and on your shoes?" Fabien sat there for several seconds, his eyes gazing down at the ground,
and concentrated on holding back his grief. Jean-Paul took several steps into the room, toward the bed, and said, his
voice tinged with annoyance, "Fabien, what happened at school today?" Still gazing at the floor, Fabien simply shook his head and replied, "I...I
can't...." He took another step toward Fabien and remarked, "Well, regardless, you're
going to have to be punished for skipping school." Fabien nodded, then, unable to hold back anymore, he finally burst into
tears, his hands covering his face. He felt the weight on his bed shift, as his father sat down next to him on
it. "I'm sorry!" He heard him say, "It's just that if you're not willing to
talk about it, then what am I supposed to think?" Fabien's sobs lessened and, removing his hands from his face, he sniffled,
"I got beat up and some bastard cut off my hair." He heard his father say, "Hmmm..." and lolita preteen nymphet model the saw him stand up. Fabien quickly
added, "I don't want you to tell Mr. Erkstine, though." Jean-Paul shook his head, "Fabien, this thing has got to stop. Every other
week, I'm getting phone calls from him or your teachers, telling me that
you're getting picked on, getting beat up...You can't live this way! You
shouldn't go around telling people that you're...well...that you think
you're gay." "But I am!" Fabien retorted.
Jean-Paul paced around the room for a few seconds, then turned back toward
Fabien and said, "You haven't told anybody know...Tommy, have
you?" Fabien shook his head, not liking where he little girls lolita model
felt this conversation was
headed. Jean-Paul nodded, "Good. You know, Fabien...ummm...Your mother and I are
really...I dunno..." Fabien shook his head, "No, dad, I love Tommy and I won't stop seeing him!" Jean Paul sighed and responded, "Fabien...I mean, come on! Tommy's parents
are really beginning to ask us a lot of questions about you and we're
getting pretty sick nude lolita under 9 of lying! Also, frankly, your mother and I are quite
worried about you." Fabien shrugged, "Well, I don't care! I'm not going to stop seeing him!" Jean-Paul walked back over the Fabien's bed and sat down beside him again.
"Well then," He inquired, "will you at least agree to see a therapist?" Fabien jumped off his bed and exclaimed, "For what?!" Jean-Paul stood up and stood beside him, "Well, it can't be good for you to
always be insulted and beat up at school, Fabien." "Bull!" Fabien retorted, "You want me to go, because you don't like me to
be with Tommy!" preteen lesbian lolita stories Jean-Paul nodded, "It's not that we don't like it! It really isn't! I mean,
it's not hard to see that you really do care for that child and it's also
not hard to see that he genuinely likes being with you! The thing is,
Fabien...Next year, you'll be seventeen and you'll be going into Cegep the
following year. That's college! You'll be planning your future, choosing
what job you want to do...You'll almost be a legal adult in this province.
Next year, Tommy will be only nine-years-old. The only problem he'll have,
is learning `etre' and `avoir' in french class! It's's just
not normal for a sixteen year old and an eight year old to be together like
you two are." Fabien nodded and, after a few seconds, he looked up at his father, tears
in his eyes, and replied, "But...but I love him!" Jean-Paul nodded, but his eyes remained firm, "I feel that you're telling
the truth, Fabien, but too much has happened to you in only a short amount
of time. You're an outcast at school, because you go on and on about this
gay business, which, even if it is true, you are well aware that it is not
well-received with your classmates. I'm sick of you coming home with tears
in your eyes, and I'm sick of your school marks staying so low! This Tommy
business is just another thing. I love you, mon fils, but I'm going to have
to put my foot down and forbid you from seeing Tommy until you are willing
to see a psychiatrist and talk it out with them."
Fabien's eyes gazed at the carpeted floor, as tears flowed again down his
cheeks. In a meek voice of defeat, he replied, "Okay...I'll go see
somebody." Jean-Paul nodded, "Good. I'll try and see if I can find you someone for
this evening." With that, he walked toward the door again, turning around briefly, to add,
"Oh, and I would stay out of your mother's way, if I were you. Compared to
what she wanted to say to you, my words were cotton candy." Then opened it
and shut it behind him. For several minutes after he left, Fabien just stood, with tears running
down his face. He wasn't sobbing like before, but his mind and heart was
filled with grief. Yet, the things his father had said had made sense. After all, how many
sixteen-year-olds would find an eight-year-old attractive enough to risk
such a dangerous relationship with them? Maybe Fabien really *was*
sick...Maybe he really *did* need to talk to someone. Fabien walked over to his bed and lay down again. His eyes still tearing,
he thought about Tommy and whether it was worth loving him as much as he
did. It was.TO BE CONTINUED....
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